Camouflage Your Technique

Despite all the comps and freebies that they're known to offer, casinos are nonetheless establishments that were created to make profits. Their job all boils down to making you play and thus spend as much as you can at their casino games. Now, this is a problem for you if you're the type of blackjack player who employs a good blackjack strategy and is able to win fairly consistently.

In fact, casinos actively look out for card counters (and you're probably one of them) to escort them out of the premises. They have personnel patrolling the tables and the pit looking for regular, strategic players because that kind of player is simply not profitable. They win at blackjack too much! When you're faced with a situation like this, the best and wisest decision is to do a little hiding.

Camouflage betting is a blackjack technique wherein you mix up your betting strategy in order to throw the casino personnel off your tracks. They usually watch out for very cautious betting, something you're likely to do if you're adhering to a strategy and a card counting technique. Adding a little variety to the way you play makes you look like a mere gambler - a person who just plays at the casinos and is therefore profitable for the house - instead of an actual player who knows how to win.

One of the better ways to camouflage your game is to suddenly bet outside of your safe range or beyond your usual bet size. Another is to take insurance or double down at a simply random moment or in circumstances where your strategy would advise against doing so. Camouflaging your skills will be a factor in your short-term variance, yes, but at least it allows you to continue playing at the casino.

Don't go overboard with the whole camouflage scheme, though. Even if you're trying to cover your tracks, your primary objective at the blackjack table should be to win, not to just hide. You shouldn't be making stupid bets very often, especially to the point where your self-made errors begin hurting your bankroll. You still have to stick to your strategy in the long run.

If you have to do some camouflage betting, do so when you've won several consecutive rounds to break up the series of winning blackjack hands. That makes it look like you were winning simply because of luck instead of your strategy.